Federations des Associations Regionales Haitiennes a l’Etranger

Reflection and Analysis By Dr. Narcisse
February 16, 2018

Federations des Associations Regionales Haitiennes a l’Etranger

689 Columbus Avenue Suite 11-C

New York, New York 10025-7066


A New Vision for Haiti

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In recent weeks, Haiti has been at the center of many controversies. Not only were Haitian people shocked to hear inflammatory remarks made by the leader of the United States, but approximately 60,000 Haitians have lost Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in the United States. They have been mandated to return to Haiti by July 2019. To what will these Haitians return to?

Since Haiti was devastated by an earthquake in 2010, no major or sustained reconstruction projects have been underway to rebuild the country from the rubble that it is today. The government of Haiti did not make the reconstruction of Haiti a priority, so the infrastructure is weaker or worse than it was before the earthquake.

The Federation des Associations Regionales Haitiennes a l’Etranger (FARHE) is a non-profit 501(c) (3) consortium of businesses, organizations, and agencies serving Haiti and Haitians across the diaspora.

FARHE has spearheaded a major reconstruction, beautification, and education plan called “Operation LIFT UP Haiti”. Through this plan, FARHE hopes to fund major reconstruction and beautification projects that will rebuild cities and provinces around the country. This project is a major undertaking that will require the assistance of all Haitians from the diaspora and from Haiti. In addition, we will reach out to all friends of Haiti for further assistance to achieve this endeavor.

This plan will target all cities and provinces that need renovation of infrastructure, housing, schooling, and businesses. This plan will adopt guidelines that will educate the masses on how to maintain a clean and beautiful environment. This plan will also create employment for the people of Haiti. These jobs will not only build up the country’s economy but will also motivate the Haitian working class to remain in Haiti and maintain the land so that the next generation will be able to sustain itself and its children.

Operation LIFT UP Haiti is FARHE’s response to the continuous state of primitivism and misery of Haiti. This plan is a means of motivating ALL Haitian people to “get involved” with the building of Haiti. We should not get mad at our situation thus far, we should get busy with a solution to make a sustainable difference in the country that we all love.

Operation LIFT UP Haiti will be hosting its first gala ( A New Vision for Haiti Gala) of 2018 through the FARHE organization. This gala will reveal the members of FARHE, its missions and goals for the coming year, and methods of involvement with our organization. If you wish to make a monetary contribution, please visit our website at www.farhe.org. Thank you.

Unity makes strength. (L’Union fait la force).

Dr. Francis Narcisse �=�n

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